Best Sneakers of 2020 : Top Shoes Released this Year

A pair of sneakers is a fashion statement, especially in show business. Companies come up with new designs every year to fit the season. They consider not only comfort, but also toughness. From Nike and Adidas to Air, the sneaker industry has a competitive edge, which places it a notch higher than other shoe types.


  1. Yeezy Foam RNNR – released in June, this slip-on shoe has won the admiration of contemporary sneaker enthusiasts. As to whether it is a sneaker or not, its croc-like design stands out. Its feel-good outlook makes it easy to use, especially in a humid environment.
  2. Yeezy QNTM – it is an ultimate basketball sneaker complete with the grip and feel. The name QNTM (short form for Quantum) depicts the energy and magnitude it portrays. It was released in February and added to the growing list of sneakers customised for Basketball.
  3. Consortium FYW XTA – it blends toughness and comfort, an ideal combination for a hiking sneaker. Compared to other sneakers of its generation, it helps the user endure the toughness of terrain as they hold the grip.


  1. LeBron 18 – named after the basketball legend, this Nike model set its intention straight; being the best in its category. Contrary to other basketball shoes, it is lighter, breathable and comes in an attractive purple colour.
  2. ISPA Road Warrior – as the name suggests, its reputation fits the bill. The cushioning, breathability and buckles make it unique. From people who have tried it on, fascinating is the word they use to describe it.
  3. ACG Mountain Fly – it is an outdoor sneaker as it oozes with style and comfort. It comes in different colours, but the brown one fits all reasons and seasons.

Other Brands Created within the year include

  • New Balance – 2002R, 327, X Casablanca 327 and X WTAPS M992WT
  • Air Jordan – 35, Royal Toe, Fire Red, Varsity Red and Red Cement
  • Reebok – Pump Court
  • Air Zoom – Alphafly Next %